The Kenguru groin bag is installed on any plate carrier with a Velcro flap. It can be used together with a groin protection, stomach protection and any other modules.

The bag consists of two compartments - the main one, which contains two micro-compartments and an additional one. In both compartments there are loops for attaching the pistol strap. On the front part there is a velcro panel for patches, a MOLLE platform, as well as vertical molle straps, on which you can attach a pouch for hemostatic tourniquet, pistol mag or a multitool pouch.

The bag can be used for various purposes, both for storing documents and as a medical pouch, since the volume is enough to store a significant number of medicines.

Weight: 117 grams.

Dimensions: 225 x 175 x 15 mm (Length x Width x Height).


  • 100% Polyester Air-mesh (South Korea)
  • Cordon Prime (Moss, Olive, Black, Coyote, Digital Flora) 1000D Nylon 6.6 100% Baltex (Russia).Nylon (Multicam) 1000D 6.0 100% (South Korea), Nylon (Black Multicam) 500D 6.0 100% (South Korea)
  • 100% Nylon VELCRO ® (Belgium)
  • Arta® zipper (Латвия)
  • 100% Apri ® polyacetal (Russia)

Utility Groin Pouch "Kenguru"

Mordor Tac.

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