Compatible with various helmets.The module is designed for covers manufactured by Mordor Tac. (except for the "Ustav") and any helmets with Velcro on the dome (Mich 2000, LShZ, TOR, Atlas, 6B47 and others).

The "Headcrab" is mounted on a velcro panel and additionally on hinges for glasses, adjustable in length and width. On the main part there is a large Velcro panel and elastic cords for attaching IR beacons. In the back there is a pouch for placing counterweights and batteries. The kit includes a special panel for convenient storage of AAA or Cr123 batteries, which is attached to the velcro inside the pouch.

This module works as a platform for IR beacons and mounting of NVG counterweights, power banks for action cameras and other things.

Size: 315 х 120 х 35 мм (Length х Width х Depth).


  • Cord: Polyester, Latex 100% AO Tape (Russia)
  • Contact tape: 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium)
  • Fabric: Moss, Olive, Digital Flora - Cordon Prime 1000D Nylon 6.6 100% Baltex (Russia). Multicam - Nylon 1000D 6.0 100% (South Korea)
  • Elastic sling: 100% Polyamide, Latex (Russia)
  • Sling: Polyamide 100% AO Tape (Russia)

Universal Helmet Counterweight Module "Headcrab"

Mordor Tac.

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