Universal belly protection "Mamon" is designed to protect the abdominal area from splinters and other damaging elements.

"Mammon" is easily installed on most modern bulletproof vests and can be installed as an intermediate module between a bulletproof vest and groin protection. "Mammon" is equipped with a MOLLE interface and a compartment for the installation of soft ballistics or UHMWPE.

Weight: 90 grams.

Dimensions: 160 x 280 x 12 mm (Length x Width x Height).


  • Сверхвысокомолекулярный полиэтилен высокой плотности
  • Подложка из 10мм ЭВА
  • Tourist Polyamide 100% Baltex ® (Russia).Sling: 100% Polyester AO Lenta ® (Russia)
  • 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium)
  • Moss, Olive, Black, Coyote, Digital Flora - Cordon Prime 1000D Nylon 6.6 100% Baltex ® (Russia).Multicam - Nylon 1000D 6.0 100% (South Korea).Black Multicam - Nylon 500D 6.0 100% (South Korea)

Universal Abdominal Protection "Mamon"

Mordor Tac.

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