The gaming mouse pad with the image of the tank Т-34E STZ. The large gaming mat has an anti-slip rubber base and a protective coating with water-repellent, grease-repellent and dust-repellent features. The edges are stitched with flat stitches. The level of protection is 100 and 2.5 according to the standard of the American Association of Chemists and Colorists for textiles. The protective coating complies with military-industrial standards.

The print on the top of the mat is applied by sublimation printing, the mouse moves smoothly and comfortably on it. The underside of the mat is made of rubber, so it has a pleasant elasticity and does not slip on surfaces.

The size of the mat is 80x35cm, it can accommodate a keyboard with a mouse.


  • Solid rubber

"Т-34E STZ" Mouse Pad

Mordor Tac.

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