Performing combat missions is often associated with increased physical activity, therefore, in order to avoid dehydration, it is necessary to have a supply of water with you. Currently, there are many means for storing water, however, the flask remains the most practical and special pouches are used to carry it.   

The company Mordor Tac has developed a pouch for the flask "Uchkuduk". Modern materials, optimal organization of the internal space and a folding flap on the velcro ensure the safety of the flask and secure fixation inside the pouch.   

The pouch for the flask "Uchkuduk" is universal, therefore it is suitable for flasks of Russian and American samples. Molle slings allow you to install a pouch on combat belts, backpacks and panels with the appropriate interface.

Weight: 116 grams.

Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 80 mm (Length x Width x Thickness).


    Flask Pouch "Uchkuduk"

    Mordor Tac.

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