Buff "Dozor" is a great thing to use in the cold season. Thanks to its simple and thoughtful design, the buff has many uses - a half mask, a hat, a scarf, etc.   

In the production of the buff, the fabric "Tiger" is used, produced in Russia (Shakhty, Rostov region). This fabric is used for the production of thermal underwear of the 2nd layer (the so-called "Waffle"), it retains heat from the body, dries quickly and it is easy to breathe through it.   

The grooves in this fabric should be worn to the BODY. Thanks to them, the vapors from the body freely circulates under the fabric and comes out, not allowing you to overheat or sweat a lot.


  • Canvas "Tiger" 100% polyester (JSC "BTK Group")

Demi-season buff "Dozor"

Mordor Tac.

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