The first, or base layer, is the basis of any clothing layer system. It is used with every element of the system. Its main task is to remove moisture from the body, so even with the most serious physical exertion, your clothes will remain dry, which is very important in the field.   

The first layer of thermal underwear with flat seams "Python" from the company "Mordor Tac" is made of lightweight synthetic fabric of special weaving with antibacterial impregnation, optimally providing moisture removal and rapid drying."Python" due to its anatomical design fits the body and is designed to be worn as a single layer of thermal underwear for moderate temperatures, and in combination with the second and third for lower temperatures.


  • 97% polyester 3% elastane. Python BTK Group ® (Russia)

Light-weight thermosuit "Python"

Mordor Tac.

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