Chemical light sources are not a full-fledged flashlight. However, multi-colored, sealed, durable, not requiring additional batteries, glow sticks can be effectively used in emergency or emergency situations for illumination or signaling. They can serve as beacons when moving along the side of night roads, indicate Parking, Shine in a tent.

To activate the wand, you need to bend it in several places, so as to break the glass flask with the catalyst inside and shake it. Thus, we mix previously isolated chemicals from each other and start a catalytic reaction, as a result of which energy is released.

The duration of the glow depends on the ambient temperature (the higher the temperature, the brighter the glow, but the faster the reaction). The sticks do not require special care and careful storage, so they can accompany you everywhere.


  • lastic flask with chemical composition

Glow Stick "HIS"


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