Knee pads are designed to protect the knee joint from injury and splinters.

In addition to basic protection, knee pads contain a ballistic package of 10 layers of aramid, which provides 420 m/s anti-shatter resistance.

"Skyrim C2" consists of aramid fabric with a lining made of EVA damping material, a moisture-resistant Oxford cover, 3D mesh for wearing comfort and a plastic protective lining.

Dimensions of 1 piece: 265 x 170 x 15 mm (Length x Width x Thickness).

1pc weight: 155 grams.


  • Backing: EVA 100% (Russia)
  • Inner filler: 100% Aramid fabric (Russia)
  • 3D Mesh: 100% Polyester (South Korea)
  • Protective cover: Oxford PU 210 - 100% polyester (Russia)

Aramid Gen.3 kneepads "Skyrim C2"

Mordor Tac.

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