Demi-season balaclava is a reliable means of protecting the face and neck from bad weather, wind and precipitation. Balaclava allows you to stay warm, preserve the anonymity of the user and make it more hygienic and comfortable to wear a helmet and protective mask. Balaclavas are widely used by law enforcement officers and military personnel around the world.

Balaclava "Coif" from the company Mordor Tac. it is made of high-quality fabric of a special weave of the "waffle" type designed for effective thermal insulation and dehumidification. The balaclava is warm, durable, elastic and does not obstruct the user's breathing.

The balaclava "Koif" is well suited for wearing in a wide temperature range (from +10 to -30 degrees), has a universal size and can be used with an open, closed face or as a scarf or snood (buff).


  • Material: Tiger - 98% Polyester/ 2% Elastane BTK-Group (Russia)

Winter Balaclava "Coif"

Mordor Tac.

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