The cool season is often problematic for the military and tacticoolers, since summer suits are already too light for comfortable work, and winter ones are not relevant yet.

Hoodie "Ural" by Mordor Tac. will easily warm you in cool weather. This is a classic hoodie with a kangaroo pocket, but improved with details with tactical functionality. The fabric breathes perfectly in a warm room, and the warm lining protects from freezing in the cold. Also, it does not deform and feels pleasantly on the body.

The hoodie has an unadjustable hood without laces, tightened cuffs and bottom. On the sleeves there are flexible strips of velcro for attaching chevrons and patches. Great for everyday use.


  • Cotton 80%, polyester 20%

Tactical Hoodie "Ural" Extra Size

Mordor Tac.

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