The question of choosing the main suit for a beginner or a separate suit for training for more experienced airsofters is very hard. Such suit should be cheap, durable and practical. Some people use "Gorka" suits for this purpose, but they aren't enough lightweight and breathable. Others prefer camouflage uniforms, but most of these aren't cheap.

Specially for this company Mordor Tac. developed a light camouflage suit "Recruit". It is perfect for both airsoft players and military. "Recruit" includes pants and a jacket with a hood. The jacket has only two shoulder pockets, because when wearing body armor or a chest-rig the access to the rest pockets would be blocked anyway. On top of the pockets there are velcro strips for attaching patches, the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket have a elastic bands . The jacket has a long and loose silhouette, a high collar and a large hood. Pants also don't have any pockets and have elastic bands.

Distinctive features of this costume are a wide size range, a large selection of colors and a rational approach to the design — the costume is minimalistic and doesn't have unnecessary and inconvenient details. Thanks to this simplification a low price while maintaining and, even, improving high quality and comfort was achieved. Also, the suit does not glow in NVG.


  • cotton/viscose 35% polyester 65%

Light Scout Suit "Recruit"

Mordor Tac.

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