Hardly there is a person who hasn't heard of the sensational Gop-Tac tracksuit yet. This excellent and high-quality tactical tracksuit is suitable for both airsoft, regular sports or hard bass party. But what can complement such a cool look?

Gop-Tac baseball cap will become a cherry on top. A baseball cap is useful in both heat and rain. A hard peak perfectly protects your eyes from the bright sun, which is especially important when shooting, and the ventilation holes will save you from overheating. The baseball cap is adjustable at the back with a velcro.

Camouflage coloring allows you to perfectly combine it not only with Gop-Tac suits, but also with another military uniform. Why would you choose for a long time when there is this baseball cap with tough and voluminous tri poloski.


  • Cotton 35%, polyester 65% Baltic textiles ® (Russia)

Cap "Gop Tac"

Mordor Tac.

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