Continuation of the legendary series "COBRA". Many law enforcement officers prefer this model with a zipper. The combination of hydrophobic leather upper and lining made of natural Merino sheep wool, zippers provide the necessary comfort for daily use of this shoe in urban conditions.

The highlight of this shoe is the lining made of natural Merino sheep wool. An analog of sheep wool that can exactly repeat its unique thermoregulatory properties has not yet been created. That is why the products are comfortable both in the heat and well protect from the cold. Merino wool is an excellent thermoregulator, as it maintains a constant body temperature without overheating. Merino wool in comparison with synthetic insulation is characterized by high hygroscopicity, due to the capillary effect, it absorbs up to 33% of moisture from its own weight while the surface remains dry. It is also worth noting the medicinal properties. Products made of merino wool produce a micro-massage that improves blood circulation, does not irritate the skin. Lanolin, which is contained in wool, has a beneficial effect on the human body in osteochondrosis, orthopedic, rheumatic diseases, bronchial ailments. Thanks to the use of Merino wool in this shoe, it can be used up to a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius.

It is recommended to use it as a city (tactical) boot. For patrol and post service, security guards, special forces, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a training boot, a casual sock. It is also perfect for people who choose an active lifestyle. Perfect for light tracking, and small day hikes.


  • High-wear-resistant rubber (Italy)
  • Hydrophobic leather "DRYWALKSYSTEM" + elastic genuine leather on the boot

Demi-season Boots "Cobra"


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