The polymer ballistic plate "Mithril Br3 + 7H6" is certified for protection against bullets according to GOST R 34286-2017 and provides protection against damage by 7h21 ammunition (9 by 19) in environmental conditions from +40 ° C to -40 ° C and after soaking in water for 60 minutes. Also, this armor plate as part of the protective structure provides protection from 5.45×39 caliber ammunition with a 7H6 bullet and 7.62×39 with a PS bullet.

The armor plate is made of 125 layers of thermopressed SVMPE.

The ballistic plate "Mithril Br 3" is made in the form factor of the Granite plate of the second size, has a light weight and anatomical bend in two planes, which ensures the convenience of long-term wear.


  • Сверхвысокомолекулярный полиэтилен высокой плотности
  • 3D Mesh - сетка полиэфир 100%

Ballistic plate "Mithril Br3"

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